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Don’t just give them money, or if they really need it, make it a part of another gift that says you gave it thoughtful consideration! You don't want to give the happy couple a gift that will break before their first anniversary the bride and groom should remember it for years to come. Jewelry is a long lasting gift You should choose simple, timeless pieces, such as earrings, necklaces or bracelets, For the Groom watch’s or cufflinks. Giving a great gift really only takes a little in depth thinking about the personality of the two people, do they like naughty type Gifts, like edible undies, or would they like personalized T-Shirts with Clever Sayings! Just try and remember conversations you have had with them over the years. These are often the best clues, they don’t have to have or be a collector of something already in order to like it!  If they do have a hobby or known passion, that might be a good place to start!  As long as it won’t be looked at as just another one like the other one! Here is the focus, we will use the picnic basket as an example, or it could be a naughty basket! It would include everything they need for an intimate lunch in the park or intimate night at home. Celebrating their commitment and encouraging them to be ever close.
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